Sunday, February 3, 2013

Swiss Coffee

I decided to pull the trigger today and buy the supplies to start painting our trim. I decided to try a hidden area in our entryway first and then tried this section by the mudroom/powder room doors once I got more confident. Can you believe the difference? When I look at that little three foot section compared to the doors frames and trim up front, I can't believe the difference {and I only have one coat on that wall and it is pretty bare down by the trim so I know it will be even sharper once I have two coats}. It seriously makes me giddy. And I think it is turning out pretty smooth too!

Unfortunately, our house is like a sampling trainwreck right now - I only have one coat on the walls {where I have even painted}, I have random sections of trim started and I had my husband remove the sconces so we have open lighting holes. But, I'll tell you one thing - whenever I see snippets of the painted trim I get a dorky grin on my face. It looks SO much better and it motivates me to get the rest of it completed. But I'll probably just do it a room at a time from here on out, as I paint the walls and decorate each room.

{from my Instagram feed - shows the new trim color on the left with the old trim and board & batten on the right}
New trim color: Swiss Coffee by Behr - the photo below from my Instagram feed shows the comparison between old and new {Antique White vs. Swiss Coffee}. I got it in the semi-gloss finish. I have two brush sizes {both by Purdy} and I will likely roll the doors based on what the girl at Home Depot told me but have to do more research on that. In regards to the trim, are you supposed to do two coats? I have read a few places that only recommend one, but my paint color difference here is pretty dramatic.

I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday, but I'm hoping I will still feel up to painting more trim in the entryway by Friday. At the latest. ;)


  1. My suggestion....forgo the painting for the weekend and spend time healing. Tasha spent the whole first day sitting on the couch doing nothing. She slept upright and didn't overdo. BTW..the paint looks nice!