Saturday, February 9, 2013

Shower Updates

Last weekend, we decided to make a few changes in our master shower, using a gift card we had to Home Depot. Someday down the road, we would like to do a remodel of our bathroom {basically just changing out the dark tile for something lighter and brighter} but the changes we made have already helped.

First we started by adding a secondary shelving system. This is definitely not something we will use long-term but we know it can be moved to a guest bathroom once we are done with it. This more than doubled our shower storage space. Previously we only had two shelves {built-in to the corner that is hidden in the below photo} which was barely enough to hold a shampoo, conditioner and our razors. The new shelves add much needed storage.

Next, you'll notice our itty-bitty shower head in the photo above. We decided to swap that out for something a little more substantial. The problem was, they didn't have a huge selection in the brushed nickel, so the one we got is MASSIVE. We installed it this afternoon and it took less than five minutes total.

In case there was an question on the differing sizes, check out this comparison.

It's sort of ridiculous looking but we're excited to have a larger shower head with more pressure options. For those of you interested in the new shower head, it is the Delta 8" Downpour shower head. The shelving and the new shower head all came in at less than $100 so this was a very cheap {and nearly free since we had a gift card} update to a room we use every day!

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