Friday, February 1, 2013

New York City Recommendations

Regardless of how much I have traveled in my life, I have only been to New York City once. This May, my husband and I are hosting one of my work trips there and I need any recommendations you may have. We will be there four full days, and because this is an incentive trip, we need to entertain and do some touristy-type things. The group we are hosting {probably about twelve people} is on the older side so we are not interested in the nightlife aspect of NYC. Here's what I'm looking for:

  • A hotel in a good location - ideally an iconic or famous hotel. The Plaza? Waldorf-Astoria?
  • A restaurant or two for a higher-end meal - but one that's not over the top foofoo
  • Tourist sites not to miss - we'll probably hit up the Statue of Liberty
  • Broadway show recommendations - I don't even know what's out there any more!
Any recommendations are greatly appreciated! I'm also still looking for help on my trim if you have any feedback there.

Is anyone else as excited as me that today is February? I consider that almost summer.


  1. We stayed at the Iroquois Hotel which was very nice & close to everything. I would recommend it. Here is their website:

  2. Ellis Island, Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Empire State Building, and at least one Broadway show.