Monday, February 11, 2013

Kitchen Organization

The week we moved into our new house, you may remember my parents also came in town to celebrate Christmas with us. While they were here, I mentioned the guys worked on the basement, while my mom and I tackled unpacking and organizing the kitchen.

The first thing we knew we immediately had to change was the garbage can situation {my husband actually handled this project shortly after my parents left}. In our last home, we had a built-in pull out drawer that held two garbage cans and we hated giving that up. So we headed to Lowe's and found this great solution - a sliding metal bin system that holds garbage cans - achieving the same effect. We use the one on the left for garbage and the one on the right for recycling.  This is such a better solution to having an independent garbage can located somewhere on the kitchen floor.

The next two upgrades came courtesy of suggestions from my mom. We have tons of room in our kitchen but we just needed a better method to corral various kitchen tools.  First up, the pots and pans. My mom mentioned these sorters she had from Lowe's and they were the perfect solution.  Each skillet has it's own spot as well as each lid.

And lastly, I think this upgrade proves to alleviate the most annoyance. There is nothing worse than when you need a cookie sheet and you have ten other pans stacked on top of the one you need. Those bad boys are heavy and slippery and were a huge source of frustration in our last house. These dividers are perfect for the deep cupboard above our ovens and make it so easy to access cookie sheets, cutting boards, cooling racks, muffin tins, etc. I love it!

We loved that each of these organizers were affordable and helped to make each section a little more customized. If you have ever considered any of these organizers, they aren't super cheap, but we think each and every one of them is worth the small investment. Any other kitchen organizers I should be aware of or try out? We really need to tackle our pantry next!

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