Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashion Friday

I thought I'd change it up a bit today and talk about clothes. Something I love every bit as much as I love decorating. But, with the move to the new house, it had been a long time {at least long for me} since I had bought many new clothes. All my extra funds were going towards the house. But, we leave to the Bahamas soon, and I needed a few items for the trip to get ready.

First, tied for the best, the J Crew Jules Dress in Scroll print. I'll tell you what - those sales ladies at J Crew are entirely too good at their jobs. I couldn't say no to this one - especially when the sales lady convinced me that not only was it perfect for me, it was perfect for Atlantis. SOLD. It turns out it is sold out across the country and our store had one left. In my size. Fate, I tell ya'.

Next, the second tied for best item. I saw this in the catalogue and had to have it. But when I was at the store, they only had the bracelet. Turns out Elisabeth Hasselbeck had worn the necklace the day before on The View and it sold out across the country. But they were able to find me one! I present the J Crew Beaded Rose Necklace in red. If this doesn't scream tropics and summer, I don't know what does.
I also scored a few items from J Crew Factory during their Valentines Sales {goes through 2/17 and you get an extra 30% off your entire purchase with code XOFactory}.

I got this tee in a few colors. You can beat a stylish basic tee for just over $11.

I also got a few pairs of shorts, including these cute ones. They are the perfect length for me to wear at work once summertime rolls around.

The sunny yellow of this pair also drew me in.

And I really hope this next find works out. I thought this would be perfect as a cover-up or to run around in - the best part - it was just over $10 with the sale!

I also got this maxi skirt from Old Navy during a recent sale and hope it works out. I love how unfussy it is. Also another great bikini cover-up with a tank and flip flops.

We have a cocktail event on the trip, but I am planning to resurrect this dress {option #3 on the post} - since it has only been seen by people I work with - not those my husband works with. I love when I can reuse fancy clothes! Because let's be honest - it rarely works out that way.

I have yet to find any sandals this season so I am still on the search. I usually only by one pair of brown leather sandals a year and they take a beating from everyday use. Any other fun fashion finds you have seen this season? Nothing beats the arrival of new seasonal clothes!


  1. Cute purchases! You will darling in all of them.

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