Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Once Seemed White...

When we bought the house, we knew the trim was off-white. But until we moved in, we didn't realize just how off-white it was. And then I began to realize the light switches and outlets were all cream, etc. etc. I spent most of Saturday painting the entryway with the Pale Silver paint {once we figured out a mixing solution}. But man, did I open a can of worms. The trim looks ten times worse {really a million times worse but I didn't want to exaggerate too much} against this paint color. Granted, these photos were taken on the darkest, dreariest day, but it gives you an idea of what I'm dealing with.

And for those photo pros out there, this is AFTER I adjusted the white balance (to correct for the tungsten lighting) - you should have seen the photos where I didn't - even more obvious. The paint really is this cream {and has pink/yellow undertones}. The wall that looks the absolute worst is the on with the board and batten and then one with our front door because of the volume of the paint color.

I'm seriously at a loss here. I've only done one coat so I could certainly re-paint Castle Path {the trim isn't as noticeable with that color}. But quite honestly, I know the trim will bug me until it is a bright white. But, is this really a project I want to tackle now? Once I start on the trim, it would lead to the doors, the window frames, changing all the outlets, and not to mention, have you seen our railings?!? There is much more than you can even see in the photo above {like quadruple}. I'm trying to keep my long-term goals in mind {which would include white trim} but I am concerned about the scope of this project.

On Sunday I opted to just stop painting so I can think about the process and what I want to do. Sitting in my office and not being nearly as close to the paint trim comparison, I really do love how the new paint looks - the entryway is SO much brighter even when it was dark and dreary on Sunday. Is it worth moving forward with the trim?

Does anyone have good/bad experience with painting trim or tips they want to share? I'm not afraid to paint in general, I just want to ensure that the trim work stays smooth and sleek once painted. Is it possible to get a smooth finish without having it sprayed? I would prefer to do all the work myself and this is all new territory for me and it kind of freaks me out. Help!

**Update - as I sat here writing this post, I remembered we have our paint colors in the basement. I ran down and found the names of the current colors.

The main wall color is Sherwin Williams Latte {it appears to be cut-down in certain rooms}:

And the trim color? Sherwin Williams Antique White. This looks like a wall color to me. Not a trim color {although next to the color above, it does look white-ish}. And now I know I'm not going crazy and I may be even more convinced the trim has to be painted.

Here is the Pale Silver chip. See why this is not working? The color above doesn't scream crisp, white trim against many colors, but next to this gray-toned paint? Yikes.

Suggestions for good white trims? I don't think I can go stark white {our kitchen cabinets will remain a cream color} - just a good in-between. Please send your tutorials for trim painting my way!

{via - an example of how I want our five panel doors and trim to look - quite the contrast to the color above}


  1. It definitely helps to use a small roller. I've also heard that a sponge brush works pretty well- just be sure to invest in a good one, not the cheap ones with the wooden handles.

  2. The tan does really need to go. Personally, I would rather poke my eyes out with a paint brush than paint all that trim! But you enjoy painting more than I do and you have WAY MORE practice.;) If you are set on DIY instead of hiring it out, I'd wait for the next time you parents visit and have a paint party!