Monday, January 28, 2013

Unpacking + Organizing

On Friday I was able to fully unpack every last box in our house. Such a great feeling! We had done a great job of unpacking 95% of everything right away, but then there are always those lingering few you just don't want to get to. Because each and every little item in those boxes takes time to deal with. And there were 13 left to be exact.

With the exception of one box, all of them resided in my craft room {formerly known as the room I wanted for my closet - but that's another post}. I decided that in lieu of painting or other "fun" projects, I needed to tackle this room once and for all. It was driving me crazy every time I walked past it on the way to our bedroom.

Here's how it started Friday morning:

After working most of the day in the room it now looks like this {still needs work but it's a huge relief to see the floor again}. The weather turned out beautiful so I even brought in a little chair for the cats to perch to look out the window and get some fresh air. My husband came home and wanted to go out to eat right when I was wrapping things up so there are still a few odds and ends out.

My fabric is all sorted and organized in the Expedit - either in the baskets or the green boxes. I took the time to sort each fabric by brand/genre, so when I see the one on top, I will know exactly what is in the remainder of the basket/box.

This room was the one used by the prior homeowners to home-school their girls. I decided to make the most of the metal sheet that had been glued to the wall and hang our once-used magnetic wipe-off calendars {they got daily use in our last house on the side of the fridge but they no longer fit in our current kitchen}. At some point the other area my contain inspiration photos, etc.

I still need to address this stack of pillows but for now, they are fine in the corner. The two clocks and mirror were too large to fit in the closet so I just need to find a place to hang them. The totes will be moved shortly to another area {they were some of the items that were abandoned for food - it's all about priorities}.

One of my favorite areas: The walk-in closet. I know it still looks cluttered but it helped to take out all of our formal clothes to another closet and have the focus of this closet be home decor. I then brought in a shelf from the basement that we weren't using to help organize miscellaneous decorating odds and ends. I love that I can then close the door so that cats can't bother anything inside but that they can still access the main room.

I then organized and hung all of my pillow covers I have made or had on hand. It helps so much to have them out of the pillow forms and hanging to keep them pressed and to easily find what I'm looking for {I will likely disassemble all those in the giant pillow stack and hang them in this area as well}. I am also storing our unused 8x10 Pottery Barn Rug Mats in this area, rolled up with packing plastic.

Although there is still work to be done in this room, it feels SO good to be fully unpacked and to have some semblance of organization in this room!

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