Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RH Pale Silver: Round II

Yesterday, my husband ran to Lowe's and grabbed a paint mixer piece that can be attached to a drill. We decided to try a new route with the paint. I wasn't quite prepared to give up yet. Here is a picture of the mixed paint versus the paint as it arrived {and actually, the second gallon, shown below, was worse than the first}. This tool {which was less than $5 made a HUGE difference}.

Is that not the strangest thing you have ever seen?!?  No wonder I had issues! Mixing it by hand was clearly not enough.  So today, I started painting other areas with the freshly mixed paint and it looks so much better {my husband still thinks it's blue but he only saw it after the sun went down}. He forgets that I am find with the bluish color, but I needed the gray/green in it. The worst part now is the paint emphasizes our overly cream/nearly tan trim. That may have to be my next project. This isn't a great shot but you can see how much lighter and brighter this makes everything.

I'm liking how it turned out, and the more I paint the better it looks {versus just comparing it to the existing wall color}. Every foot I cover, it starts to feel so much lighter and airier. I have to remember that until everything is in place, I'm not going to love the individual steps. It's the bigger picture I'm going for. Patience is key - which is really tough for me. And, as a reminder, here is my inspiration from Tiek Built Homes decorated by Caitlin Creer:

I think I'm going to have to start reading tutorials on how to paint trim...the bright white makes such a difference.


  1. I love, love, love all the progress you're making on your home ... the new drapes, the entry light - it's all gorgeous! I'm simply amazed you can get so much accomplished so quickly! Wonderful job!

  2. It looks a lot better. I really thought the paint company had mixed it wrong.

  3. What is the lovely tan paint color is your photos?

  4. What is the lovely tan paint color is your photos?

    1. Unfortunately I don't have know for 100% certainty because the prior owners painted it. However, based on the leftover paint they saved for us, I believe it is Sherwin Williams Latte and the trim is Sherwin Williams Antique White.